what is apollo bank of Abyssinia ?

Appolo is a digital bank application that allows customer to create and manage their bank account with out having visit bank branch.

In an era where commercial banking services were in an inchoate stage and striding towards transforming different sectors of the economy, Bank of Abyssinia’s founders believed in the need for a bank that gives comprehensive commercial banking services. Thus, the Bank of Abyssinia (BoA) was open for business in 1996 with enthused initiation and determination.

The name Abyssinia resembles bravery and character which are the core attributes of BoA. Its identity is demarcated with a sense of hope, optimism, and belief as it is perfectly displayed in its logo, the Adey Abeba. Adey Abeba brings the promise of a new beginning. BoA brings that very sense to all the customers it engages with. Working with and through BoA brings sustained success with the help of a bank that is a symbol of determination and hard work.

Convenience digitalized

Simplifying customer experience is always at the heart of our interest. With an appealing and user-friendly digital product, we offer the best banking services in the country.

Get closer to your account

You can now manage your bank account with your mobile device from the comfort of your bed, sofa or working space, you are a button away from having a bank account. It is as easy as that.

From right to left pocket, account transfer has never been faster

Transfer is simplified like never before. With Apollo transferring feels like moving your money from your right pocket to your left pocket. Transfer between own accounts (from saving to checking account), transfer between BoA accounts, and transfer to other bank accounts with RTGS and EthSwitch are all a touch away on Apollo

Pay the bill and take a chill

When you are eagerly waiting for your favorite show, your DSTV bill should be paid in advance. Apollo makes sure you do not miss a single episode or a single minute of your favorite sport by offering you its bill payment methods from the comfort of anywhere.

Time it and send it

Imagine being away for a certain period to a remote place. But you want to transfer money within that period. No problem at all. Now you can schedule a money transfer with Apollo, so when you are traveling or unable to access your account, Apollo does the transfer for you. You attend to your business, Apollo will take care of the transfer.

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