Siinqee  Bank  S.C – Call For Exam

Siinqee Bank is a transformation of Oromia Credit and Saving Share Company. It is an icebreaker in the country to be grown from Microfinance Institution, with a huge capital of Birr 7.1 billion. The Bank is named after Oromo Women’s Cultural Practice called SIINQEE which is part of the grand Geda System

Siinqee Bank S.C is relicensed as a Bank with the vision “To be the Leading Bank in Financial Inclusion and Transformation”.

Siinqee  Bank  SC Call for written Exam

  • Dear Applicants,
  • Thank you for your application for the positions of Bank Trainee and IT Trainee for our Bank.
  • We are pleased to invite you to take a written exam on Tuesday – August 15, 2023 at 02:00 local time (Morning) at Oromiya State University, Batu (Zeway).
  • Note:
  • -You are required to bring your ID card; as well as your Original Temporary degree Certificate.
  • – Applicants who fulfilled the criteria (age 28 and below, year of graduation 2023, Exit exam : Pass) were selected for the written exam;
  • – Mobile phone is strictly prohibited; anyone who brings his/her mobile phone will be excluded from the exam.
  • -Please check list of applicants to seat for the written exam using the following links:
  • Download List of Applicants For The Bank Trainee Position

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