Oromia Cashbook Management system: For All Oromia finance Offices

Oromia Cashbook Management System is a current online software platform designed to help Oromia finance bureau easily manage their cashbook. It offers a variety of features such as Cashbook registration, closing daily box, Cashbook Report, Hemo 42 Report and other reporting in all Oromia Region.

Step we must follow to use cashbook management

Bureau Level  Admin

  Step 1. Login to System(as Admin)

Step 2. Admin create Bureau Cashier ,create Bureau Accountant .

Step 3. Create Bank account(under create Account) for bureau level only casher

Step 4. Take database backups

Step 5. Generate Report (cashbook,Revenue,Closing,Hemo42)

City Level  Admin

  Step 1. Login to System(as Admin)

Step 2. Admin create City admin,create city casher,create city accountant

Step 3. Create Bank account(under create Account) for City level only casher

Step 4. Take database backups

Step 5. Generate Report for City(cashbook,Revenue,Closing,Hemo42)

All Level Cashier

Step 1. Login to System(as Cashier)

Step 2. Check their detail information and change their password that take from your admin

Step 3. Cashbook(Cashbook Registration -> fill   Bank Account Number and Date)

Step 4. If you registration Receive (Fudhee: jechuun bankii irra gara saanduqaa  kan dhufe yoo galmeessuu barbaadame. Guyyaa,Fudhee-> Hanga mallaaqaa bankii iraa gara sanduqaa kan dhufee,……)

Step 5. If your Registration Expense(Kennee: jechuun yeroo sanduqaa keessaa baastanii namaaf keennaa jirtan kan itti fayyadamtan (Guyyaa,Kennee-> hanga maallaqaa namaaf kennaa jirtaani,Taker name -> jechuun qama maallaqa sana fudhatu jechuudha.

Maqaa namaati,Description immoo Sababaa maallaaqni sun itti kaffalameef kan ibsuu jechuudha)

Step 6. After registration both fedhee and kennee form you get list of data in table. Under this table you perform the following action(Edit,Delete and Post).

Edit and delete similar to any action but Post only appear if the you registeration date is similar to the calendar.

After Post your data you can not edit and delete your data.

Step 7. Closing: jechuun cuffiinsa saanduqaa guyyaa guyyaan jechudha.

Cuffinsi saanduqa guyyaa guyyaan kan rawwatuu system ofuma isaati.

Cuffinsii sanduqaa guyyaatti yeroo tokkoo qofa cufama.

 Irraa deebiin hin danda’amu.

Wantoota yeroo cuffinsa saanduqaa gochuu qabnu.

1.  Hangaa maallaqaa Nootii(abbaa 200,100,50,10,5,1…… ) galmeessuu

2.  Kan checkiin laakka’ame yoo jiratee guutuu. Ykn 0 gochuun bira darbuu

3.  Button Save jettuu cuqaasuun.

Step 8. Model 6: Galmee Sanadaan hin qabne,kan ittin galmeefannudha.

  Cufinsa saanduqaa irrati (Sanadaan kan lakkaawame) kan jedhuun dhufa.lakk 12 irratti kan argamuu sanidha.

User Guide Oromia Cashbook Management System

This document provides a step-by-step guide to using the CMS application. It is intended for use by all employees and staff in the Accountant and Cashbook Administration.

The user guide is prepared to be accessed in two forms, one is where you went to use this guide to perform a full activity based on the functionality of the system and the second is that you went to have a general understanding of the system as pre- scented all navigational information here in this guide.

Open the URL given to you by the system administrator in your web browser.

The site shows the Login screen, which is used to authenticate a user.

User Login Form screen

Type in your username and password into the according fields. Hit the Login button or press <Enter> on your keyboard to authenticate

General Overview of the User Interface

Once authenticated, you are ready to perform certain activities by navigating through the links presented by the system.

Getting Started

Heading provides important links (1)

Language (2)

Ac-count (3)

Admin page that correspond to the systems ability to switch language English/Oromiffa, the ability to terminate session and to navigate to administration page of the application(If you have the roles for the functionality) respectively.

The heading bar also provides links to change password and modify personal information. Once you click “Account” link a drop down list of options to edit your profile information, change password and terminate the session.

Language Switching

Language switching is change from active language to another language what user want to get.

It translate all navigation bar and all system content to what language we choose. Example. When we want to change English Afaan Oromoo link .

CMS application supports English and Oromiffa Language.

A user can switch to a language of preference that will result all labels of the CMS application to be in the selected language.

Navigation Bar

Navigation bar contains different link by their roles In Cashbook management System there are 9 roles

  1. Admin
  2. Regional Casher
  3. Regional Accountant
  4. Zone Admin
  5. Zone Casher
  6. Zone Accountant
  7. Woreda Admin
  8. Woreda Casher
  9. Woreda Accountant

Admin Role navigation

Admin role navigation contains admin activity by navigating their role links

User Management

User management contains

  • Creating user account of Regional Casher
  • Creating Zone Admin
  • Generate Report for all user in cms
  • Creating Roles

To create user account for Regional Casher account

  1. First click number one in admin role list figures (user management navigation).
  • Select Regional Casher è Click plus button on the top of table of Casher account list.
    1. Fill all attributes in the form creating pages.
    2. Finally hit /press Add button to save User Information to System

Activating and Deactivating User Account

Activating user account

Activating user account is make user can login and perform what they role allow or perfom all activities of their role get.

When we create user by default user deactivate.

Deactivate User Account

Deactivate user is make user can’t login to the system. By default all users are deactivated.

Admin must activate user account by click On/Off button

Bank Account Registration

Bank account registration is adding bank account number of the office/biiroo/ .

When registering bank account number it based on casher office. One casher at least must have one bank account number. Casher can have more account number.

To register bank account number follow the following step.

Step1. You must login to the system and have admin privilege Step2. Choose/Click/press Create Account navigation link Step3. Click/press Plus button/ add button

Step4. Fill all required information in the attributes. Step5. Finally hit save button to save /add information of the bank account,

Zone Setting
Zone setting is add all zones in oromia regions. Oromia have 22 zones.

Regional Admin must add/insert all oromia
zones and their admins (Regional admin).
To Add Zone follow the following steps.
Step1. Login to the system and you must have Regional admin Privilege
Step2. Choose/ select Zone setting navigation link menu bar
Step3. Click or press plus button/add button.
Step4. Fill all information required
Step5. Finally click /hit add/save button

Database Backup

Database backup admin can take database backup. To get database backup follow the following step

Step1 choose/ select database backup menu navigation bar Step2 choose / where file to save.

Step3 hit ok / save button

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