Oromia Bank – Oromia bank has deferent Vacancies.

Our visual system is dynamic, futuristic and forward thinking; creating a brand that feels like part of your life. Our visual identity is not just a logo, it encompass all aspects of the visual elements we use to express the personality and positioning of our brand.

Our logo celebrates the pride tradition of our society in both contemporary and optimistic ways. The reaching or leaping horse in a globe mark represents the clarity and strength of our clear path forward, with confidence and optimism, always looking to the future.

Our reaching and leaping horse in a globe is looking ahead, leads forward and upward. It’s a sign of wisdom, progress, devotion, power, victory, glory, freedom, nobleness, endurance, trust, confidence, heroism, competition, courage, wealth, new beginning and growth. The “8” stripes on the horse also represents the Geda System which our core values are guided by.

Posted Date: 15/07/2023

Expired Date: 24/07/2023

Location: All in Ethiopia

Salary: Negotiation

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