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For more than 30 years, Médecins du Monde (MDM), a campaigning medical organization committed to international solidarity, has been caring for the most vulnerable populations at home and abroad. It has continued to highlight obstacles that exist in accessing health care and has secured sustainable improvements in health-for-all policies. Those working for this independent organization do not solely dispense care and treatment but condemn violations of human dignity and rights and fight to improve matters for populations living in precarious situations. MdM currently works in 44 countries across all continents where it focuses on 4 priority areas: caring for the health of migrants and displaced persons, promoting sexual and reproductive health, harm reduction associated with drug use, emergencies, and crisis.

Médecins du Monde is operating in Ethiopia since 1986 in different types of health projects from long-term interventions to emergency response.

Position 1: Humanitarian Access And Security Officer

Job Summary

Under direct supervision of Field coordinator, HASO is responsible to ensure the security of the MdM premises, staff, partner and beneficiaries as well as to create, maintain and relationships with local authorities and communities in MDM intervention areas to improve acceptance and the knowledge of MdM activities.

Essential duties and responsibilities.

Regional/local authorities

  • Develop and maintain an effective communication and good relationship with national, regional and local authorities (RHB, RFB, etc.) as well as with other actors, to help and facilitate MDM operations in Ethiopia.
  • Liaise with MdM departments and the involved authorities to obtaining documents necessary for smooth operations (MoUs, reports, etc.)
  • Ensure all administrative and legal obligations are fulfilled at national/regional level and local level for registration, movement, transportation etc.
  • Ensure updated knowledge of regulatory requirements and existence of updated administrative processes explaining documents according to regulations and procedures from the authorities
  • Keep base/coordination team updated about any modifications and information in the procedures and the legal context, guidelines etc.
  • Make necessary communication documents needed as per Field Coordinator requests and the mission needs.
  • Extractions of movement permits for international staff during their visit to MDM HFs outside Aden.
  • Conduct any other task assigned by Field Coordinator.

Context and Security:

  • Coordinate with other NGO’s security FP.
  • Update the team about security/context in the intervention areas.
  • Identify a contact list (from authority, security entities, community leaders, health facility staff, district office staff, local council …etc.) that can be used in case of having problem in the field/check points, to ensure safe access during implementation of MDM medical activities.
  • Provide day to day security update to the Field Coordinator and the program staff.
  • Update and develop the specific location security’s SOP.
  • Maintain updated security management literature of the organization.
  • Conduct regular Safety Risk Assessments and create/update risk analysis with participation of MDM national and international staff.
  • Assist in training the office staff on MdM security rules and regulation.
  • Provide induction security brief for the international staff upon their arrival as well as for the newly recruited national staff.
  • Provide regular support for MdM staff on security preparedness, prevention, and response. Support may include SOPs; Contingency Plans (CPs); Security Management; Incident Reporting; Prevention and Response Mechanisms; and Communications.
  • Train and supervise Security guards.
  • Identify security/safety barriers to access and support the program teams and develop strategies to address.
  • Develop and update list of contacts and stakeholder map per district.
  • Share with Field Coordinator and Project Manager the cross checking of information and give analysis of the context/situation and the possible scenarios.

Field networking and follow up of field team movements:

  • Create and maintain a field network at community level to make sure that MdM activities are well accepted and report any changing.
  • In the office (before movement to the field), with support of Field Coordinator:
  • Ensure the extraction of proper permissions (shipment, expat movement…etc.).
  • Participate in validation of team field visits through update of the Field Coordinator.
  • To get verification of safe access by communication with key people (to be identified in each targeted location) before each field visit.
  • During identification of MDM new locations of interventions, while the medical team will be focusing on technical selection criteria, Liaison & Security Officer can check the other needed information about the location safety, access, and other humanitarian organizations on board.

In the field during implementation of activities:

  • Liaison & Security Officer is the person in charge to answer authority non-technical questions, (e.g., check points)
  • S/He is in charge to introduce MDM team to people and to explain about MDM, presence, activities…etc.
  • During community assessment, s/he will be managing the people who might affect the community response to medical team questions. Use his/her presence in the field to assess the context and security.
  • Use his presence in the field to establish networks and maintain good relationships.
  • Identify possible places for team hibernation in the field.
  • Ensure security communication back up in case of coverage failure.
  • Identify the influential actors in the area and participates in actors mapping for each location. Try to understand the social composition of the targeted communities including identification of marginalized groups, cultural norms, relationship between men and women in the community and any other social factors that can be linked to MDM intervention.

Reporting and attendance to different meetings

  • Realize weekly activities report to submit to the Field Coordinator and Operation Manger.
  • Participate in a pro-active way to MdM internal meetings (general, admin, …)
  • Participate in the working groups with other NGOs.


  • Be flexible in performing his/her duties.
  • Inform immediately the security focal point in case of any security problem
  • Perform other additional duties on request of the Field Coordinator or General Coordinator

Duty station: Humanitarian Access and Security Officers will be based in Afar Semera field office and will travels frequently to project sites

Employment Term: 5 Months with possibility of extension

Basic Salary: 37,440.00

Reported to: He/ She works under the supervision of the Field coordinators

Required positions: 1 /One

Job Requirements

Educational Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in political science, humanitarian affairs, business administration or relevant areas.

Work Experience

  • At least 3 years’ experience from which 2 years are in a similar level in humanitarian access, risk reduction or relevant field, with NGO experience preferred.
  • Specific trainings in security management are an asset
  • Knowledge/experience of Office 365, SharePoint/cloud systems
  • Use of tracking and mapping mobile applications
  • Knowledge of data protection methods
  • Experience of working in African context especially in Ethiopian would be an asset

Skills and qualities required

  • Capacity to work and to live in a multicultural environment
  • Ability to cope with last minutes changes and solution oriented
  • Listening and diplomacy skills

Required personal skills.

  • Independence, ability to take the initiative and of responsibility
  • Ability to work under stressful situation.
  • Good analysis, objective, able to take a step back and analyses.
  • Communication – listens and communicates clearly, adapting delivery to the audience
  • Capacity to delegate and to supervise and coach the work
  • Strong problem solving and organizational skills in day to day and crisis situations
  • Ability to plan, organize and meet deadlines.
  • Adaptability to changing priorities.


  • English : Fluent  in writing , speaking , reading and listening
  • Afar Language : Mandatory
  • Amharic ,Tigrina and Afan Oromo language is an asset
  • Women are strongly encouraged to Apply

How to Apply

Interested applicants are required to fill the application form through the following link

https://forms.gle/oR2LqKmuz3QJGRMi6  (Note: All the information that provided in the form is true and accurate) and submit your CV with Cover letter through mdmrecruitment2023@gmail.com with the subject

Humanitarian Access and Security Officer

NB:   *Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.

*Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply

* We will only accept applicants who agree on the salary and length contract mentioned above.

* Early application is advantageous we will start the long listing before end date of the vacancy

Position 2: Driver

Job Summary

The Driver will play a vital role in transporting MDM staffs and material and equipment safety, follow the basic maintenance of the vehicles He/she will be base in Addis Ababa under the direct supervision of Base Logistics Officer,

Essential duties and responsibilities.

  • The driver will be responsible for transporting MDM staff and material ensuring their safety.
  • The driver will drive safely vehicle and passengers wherever the mission requires. He will ensure the basic maintenance of the vehicle. He will report any activities on the vehicles (movements, passenger, fuelling, maintenance…).


  • Ensure that only authorized people enter MDM vehicles, i.e., MDM-staff, MDM collaborators.
  • Ensure that no weapons, military dressed people or police-people enter MDM vehicles.
  • Ensure that all non-MDM staff in the vehicle has signed before a discharge of liabilities.
  • Ensure that all personnel wear a seatbelt, and that total number of passengers is within legal limits.
  • Ensure that all material transported is authorised before transport and it is within loading capacity.
  • Ensure that all material transported is well secured by driver inside, at the back or on top of vehicle.
  • Must never transport passengers at the back of pick-up trucks, unless in case of a serious emergency and always after a prior authorisation by the Logistics Coordinator or Head of Mission.
  • Must always drive carefully respecting all traffic rules, speed limits, other vehicles and pedestrians, following MDM driving regulation.
  • Ensure that all security rules are respected when passing customs, checkpoints and roadblocks.
  • Ensure that nobody is smoking while in the vehicle.
  • Stay always close to vehicle, when out of base, in order to protect vehicle
  • Remaining stand-by in the office in between movements
  • Assist in briefing and training of all staff regarding vehicle rules and procedures.
  • Help to load and unload the vehicle, if needed.


  • Ensure that vehicle is always in good condition following instructions and guidelines of Logbook.
  • Ensure that vehicle is always clean (inside and outside) while engine and chassis should also be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Do every morning and before every long trip standard check-up.
  • Report to the direct supervisor in case of technical problem or need for maintenance
  • Fill gas whenever level is below half and before weekends or holidays.
  • Check condition of vehicle after it has been used by another driver and report possible problems.


  • Look after all equipment related to vehicle and driver (ex. uniforms, gloves, winch, spare wheels, jack, security triangle, stickers, flags, etc.).
  • Ensure that medical kit and necessary vehicle tools with extra spare wheels are always in vehicle before leaving standard perimeter, defined by Logistics or Field Coordinator.
  • Ensure that no material is taken out of vehicle without prior authorisation.
  • Ensure that all material transported is always accompanied by the right documents and always check state of cargo before signing in order to report any possible problems.
  • Ensure that there is always an extinguisher easily accessible in vehicle and know how to use it.


  • Ensure that all vehicles and driver’s documents are in vehicle, i.e. driving license, registration papers, insurance, satellite phone licenses, and inform line manager if something is missing or expiring soon.
  • Be aware of any document regarding detailed responsibilities of drivers (ex. standard phone contact points, maps, maintenance of vehicles, daily, weekly and periodic vehicle check-ups).
  • Ensure that all passengers have all the necessary papers in order (ex. permits) before travelling.
  • Ensure that there is always enough discharge of liabilities for all non-MDM staff to sign.


  • Inform immediately line manager or any coordinator available regarding security incidents or important information that might be seen on the road.
  • Report immediately to line manager of any mechanical or other problems related to vehicle.
  • Use vehicle Logbook in order to monitor movements, services, accidents, refuelling, mileage, etc.


  • Be flexible in performing his/her duties
  • Punctually collecting quotations, checking prices, and realizing small purchases of goods and services
  • Helping to load and unload equipment and materials
  • Perform other additional duties on request of the logistics manage/coordinator
  • Maintain full confidentiality for all work-related information
  • Participate in meetings and possible trainings.

Duty station: Ethiopia, Addis Ababa,

Employment Term: 5 months with possibility of extension, start immediately, Days, nights and weekends shifts

Basic Salary: 19,200.00 ETB

Reported to: Direct supervision to Base Logistics Officer- Addis Ababa.

Job Requirements

Educational Qualification

  • 10/12 Grade Complete, Having public one or the former 3rd grade driving license in privies policy or , Auto/ public light vehicle driving license
  • Automechanic certificate is plus

Work Experience

  • At least 4 years of work experience in Driver position
  • desirable experience with other INGOs

Skills and qualities required

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Having Auto mechanic certification is plus
  • Essential good knowledge of area of work
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, including negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Strong organizational and team working skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and with limited supervision.
  • Experience in working with international humanitarian organizations is a plus.
  • Being available within short period will be considered.
  • Commitment to work during day, night and weekend
  • Female’s candidates are highly encouraged to apply.


  • English: Excellent
  • Amharic: Fluent

How to Apply

Interested applicants are required to fill the application form through the following link

https://forms.gle/1XYjreGL9D6hnwnMA (Note: All the information that provided in the form is true and accurate) and submit your CV with Cover letter through mdmrecruitment2023@gmail.com with the subject Driver for Addis Coordination Office

NB: Please notice that if you have not heard from MdM-F within 15 days of the submission date of the deadline, you should presume you were not short listed for this position. Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted. However, MdM- F thanks you for your interest and encourages you to apply for other openings where your skills and experience match.


  • Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.
  • Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply
  • We will only accept applicants who agree on the salary and length contract mentioned above.
  • Early application is advantageous we will start the longlisting before the deadline.

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