Mathematics Teacher- Turkish Maarif Foundation-

Job Description

Turkish Maarif Foundation ( TMF ) is a Türkiye-based organization working on the betterment of education worldwide.

The International Maarif Schools of Ethiopia (IMSE) operate in various regions throughout Ethiopia, including Harar, Sebeta, and different branches in Addis Ababa (CMC, Yeka, Addis Ababa and Sarbet). This year, IMSE will also expand its educational activities to Mekelle.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in the related field; B.Ed is preferred.
  • Excellent skills in English language.
  • Experience with Cambridge or another international curriculum is preferred.
  • Open-minded, eager to learn, and adaptable to new ideas.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

How to Apply

Application and Exam Details:

Submit CV & register through scanning QR code or using the link via the Google form.

Candidates will be informed about the exam date later.

A written exam will take place at International Maarif Schools of Ethiopia (IMSE) in the

Addis Ababa Branch: Kirkos Subcity, Wereda 06, Kebele 10+251 114 705 382
Sebeta Branch            : Alemgena, Sebeta Subcity, Kebele 08+251 113 679 788
CMC Branch               : Levi Kura Subcity, Wereda 08+251 116 688 871
Yeka Branch                 : Ferensay Legasion Omedla Street+251 111 548 789

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