Indian International School – Job Vacancy

Indian International School was established in 2006 G.C. and has established teaching school grades starting from Nursery up to the Tenth Grade. It has been known for its education and also its well established and organized set up.
Indian International School External Vacancy Announcement

Job Position 1 – English Teacher

Education: BED degree in Education and language

Duties and Responsibilities
Establishing and enforcing rules of behavior for students in the classroom
Preparing lessons, units and projects to complete learning objectives
Establishing and communicating clear objectives for lessons, units and projects
Adapting teaching methods and materials to meet the interests and learning styles of students
Encouraging students to explore learning opportunities and career paths
Creating, assigning and grading various assessments for students, including tests, quizzes, essays and projects
Working with students one-on-one when they need extra help or attention
Tracking and evaluating student academic progress

Communication skills
Compassion for students.
Organizational skills

Job Position 2 – Accountant

Education: BA degree in Accounting

Job Position 3 – Office Administrator

Education: BA/BSc degree in related field

Job Position 4 – Directors

Duties and Responsibilities
Liaising with various departments and forwarding any issues or suggestions to the Principal.
Helping with the development and review of budgets, school policies, and rules and regulations.
Attending and participating in meetings with staff, parents, and other officials.
Planning and organizing school events and field trips as well as assisting with various committees.
Establishing rapport and maintaining relationships with parents, staff, and students.
Sitting in on disciplinary hearings and providing advice for at-risk students.
Updating student and school records.
Addressing concerns raised by students, staff, and parents.
Remaining active and visible on field trips and during school functions

How to Apply for the Indian International School?
Indian International School
Near Medahiyalem Church, Kebena, Addis Ababa
Contact: +251118591435 / 0118590187 / 0911881775

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