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Huawei Technologies Ethiopia PLC External Vacancy Announcement

Job Position 1 – Data analyst

Required Qualification and Experience.
Strong data architecture design, data mining, and data analysis capabilities;

Have strong business understanding, be able to combine data with business, and be able to drive business by data.

Have good communication and coordination skills, can quickly accept new things and new changes, have enthusiasm for work, strong sense of responsibility;

Job Description

Data system construction and data analysis capabilities, with strong business logic;

Be keen on operation data, be proficient in data analysis tools, have keen data insight and analysis capabilities, and have data governance and data visualization capabilities

Job Position 2 – Implementation Manager

Required Qualification and Experience
Education: Major in project management or computer IT, bachelor’s degree or above, willing to work in office or outside site business
Experience: 3-5 years work experience

Language Skill :

Excellent spoken and Written English
Skills or Certificate Requirements:

Business Recruitment

1. Have a proficient command of project planning management.
2. Be able to use Excel proficiently.
3. Effective problem-solving skills

Job Description:

Achieve the Project Roll out targets with Quality, meet Customer acceptance and Full Compliance to EHS requirements

Improve Field Work efficiency, Ensure daily roll out plan readiness (Create DUID,Create WO – PR/PO –MR- Confirm RFI – Dispatch task to SBC)

Responsible for delivery millstone management (shipment, MOS, Site complete, ICR and RN)

Ensure site level Process Fully implemented (on time arrival to site , Clock in , EHS Pre-approval , site sign , site verify , QC task approval with in 30 Min, Clock Out).
Accurate maintain delivery millstone information on ISDP system

Responsible for site engineers management

Responsible for subcontractor PO receiver and work completion confirmation

Responsible for field delivery digitisation and IT tool usage
Field Work Planning

Weekly define Roll out activity. And maintain Millstones plan start and plan end Dates, review  can be done by FME ,and confirm IM create FSC synergy Work orders

Daily Review Plans readiness (PR/PO-MR- SBC teams readiness and  certification and site power , transmission and access)

Daily maintain Roll out Plans on ISDP Dispatch QC tasks To SBC, and Confirm site access Time and activity Risk (WAH)

Daily Follow Up Plan Completion and maintain ISDP Millstones and update next day Roll out Plan
Field Work Monitoring

Daily Monitor the delivery Process execution are 100% real Time Monitored by RQC (on arrival to site , Clock in , EHS Pre-approval , site sign , site verify , QC task approval with in 30 Min, Clock Out). Ensure no activity out of monitor

Daily Monitor abnormal field delivery issue and ensure IM handle and adopt reason (SBC arrival to site , NO PO, No face Recognition, SBC qualification, site sign site verify)

Daily Monitor SLA over-due and ensure IM handle and adopt reason and update roll out Plan accurately

Daily monitor delivery GAP analysis and ensure IM maintain GAP reason and update roll out plan on time
Issues and Trend Control

Daily Control Plan accuracy and achievement Trend- and adopt Plans to ensure next day Plan accuracy improvement

Daily Review trend Of FSC Plan & Achievement Cover (Delivery Progress, Roll out Preparation OF Next days, Quality & Internal Control, real Time Monitor data) Define the Gap and guide improvement daily.

Site level database, progress reporting & issue management

Work Place: Addis Ababa

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