How many of We know Awash Mobile Wallet ?

Awash bank is the leading bank in our country and also in our continents.

Awash Mobile Wallet is a mobile banking services provided by Awash Bank. It is a very simple and convenient to use mobile banking system.

Key Benefits and features Of Awash Mobile Wallets

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Mobile Bill
  • Exchange Rate Inquiries
  • Money Transfer        
  •  Withdraw Cash
  • Money Send
  • Payments
  • Other Services
  • E-Educations
  • E-Learnings
Target Group

All people who have sim card can use it.

What is Balance Inquiry ?

Balance Inquiry has two type,

  • balance checking :- balance checking check your balance in your bank account, view detail transaction based on your bank accounts
  • bank statement knowing: you can order your bank statement to branch near to your living area

2. Mobile Bill

  1. Mobile billing has two type
    • Ethiotelecom bill
    • Safaricom bill

3. Exchange Rate Inquiry

Exchange inquiry shows the detail exchanges of world bank from one currency to other currency

eg. from US dollar to Ethiopia birr($US to 56.89 ETB)

4. Money Transfer

Money transfer basic functionality of bank that awash birr works.

By using money transfer you can send money to other Awash bank account and send money to other account like Oromia bank, CBE and many more others.

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