Engineering Corporation of Oromia- Multiple Vacancies

ECO was re-invented in 2020 with Regulation No.214/2020 of the Oromia National Regional State. ECO has been registered and licensed at the present competent authorities under the Ethiopian law to carry out study, design, contract administration and construction supervision/management services as well as environmental and social impact assessment in the country and abroad. Accordingly, ECO has been registered and certified for eligibility in public engagement and obligations as well as compliances, among such are:

  1. The Engineering Corporation of Oromia (ECO) – the former Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision (OWWDSE) – is a professional organization that is engaged in consultancy service and specialized in undertaking the study and design of medium-to-mega-scale projects in the fields of: water resource and water supply; irrigation, dam and energy; integrated land use planning, and urban planning; road, transport and building; and mining and geo-technical investigation. ECO also carries out contract administration and construction supervision of projects on behalf of its clients. Besides, ECO owns a well-equipped laboratory center that provides mainly water quality testing, soil fertility analysis and construction material testing and verifying services. Furthermore, ECO renders a quality assurance service in the aforementioned fields of activities.
  1. ECO was re-established in 2020 with Regulation No.214/2020 of the Oromia National Regional State by changing its name from OWWDSE, which was founded in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) in May 2006 with Regulation No. 66/2006. During the period of its existence, ECO has established a unique reputation among its customers for demonstrating its commitment to accomplishing project-based assignments as per loyal clients’ request under budget constraints and for being devoted to working in hostile environments. Born out of nearly non-existent consultancy practices in the public sector, ECO has managed to become one of the most prominent and distinguished professional consultants in Ethiopia. ECO operates in Oromia and other regions in Ethiopia as well as Djibouti. These milestones were in fact made possible by ECO’s employees, management, clients and partners alike.
  1. A brief description of ECO focusing on its identity and very existence: history, strategic statements and legal standings; the major fields of operation and locations where it has been engaged; and its institutional capability (manpower, logistics and technology); and, geerally, its career during the years of its existence are presented in the ensuing sections.

External Vacancy- ECO

Engineering Corporation of Oromia   would like to invite qualified and competent professionals on the following positions.

Job Title: Head Store Keeper   


BA/MA/PhD Degree in Supply Chain Management/ Management/ Procurement & 8/6/4 years of relevant work of Experience. 

Salary : As Per Scale of Corporation 

Qty: 1

Terms of Contract: Permanent

Interested applicants who meet the above criteria are required to fill all bellow application process . The credentials must be in the form of a PDF file that encompasses “CV, Educational testimonies, Work experience certificate and other relevant documents” compiled into a single PDF file. The compiled file required to be named with the “Job position and the applicant’s full nam.pdf”

  • Information can obtain from HR Service     Tele |+251 114 391757
  • Address: Akaki Kaliti located in front of Drivers and Mechanics Training Center, 3rd floor
  • Date of registration starting from 19/7/2023-25/7/2023
  • Engineering Corporation of Oromia

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