Commercial Bank of Ethiopia – Mobile Banking (*889#)

How to Access CBE Mobile Bank

How to get access Commercial Bank of Ethiopia CBE Mobile bank, Ethiopia commercial bank is the leading bank in the country.The bank works always for customers, it has many branch in the country side.

What is mobile Banking ?

Mobile banking is the act of financial transaction by using mobile devices such us cell phone or table, smart phone.

Mobile bank is type online banking services, you can exchanges your money without direct contact of banks. Commercial bank of Ethiopia has launched these services earlier.

I advised you must use mobile bank every user of CBE bank.

How to Access CBE Mobile Bank Services (*889#)

To Access CBE mobile banking you can use the following two methods.

  1. USSD
  2. CBE Apps

By using the above methods we can get the following services

  1. Transfer money to another CBE account and other bank account
  2. Make utility payments
  3. Balance inquiry
  4. Mobile top-up

You can olse transfer from CBE account to other banks like Awash int.Bank, Oromia bank, Dashin bank and many others.

Transaction Fee details when using CBE Mobile bank.

When we use USSD or CBE app we must know service charge fees, these fees are not your CBE to CBE account, but when you transfer from CBE to Other bank you must pay service fee. These fee based on your ammount of money you transfers. If you transfer 10000.00 ETB you must pay 25.00 ETB to CBE banks.

CBE Internet banking is a system of Banking provided through the online platform of the Bank

This service include

  • Transfer money
  • Balance inquiry
  • Utility payment
  • Make a bank statement
  • Apply for credit through letter

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